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Efficient/Money Saving Technology for Wineries - Riddling Machine


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Efficace / économie d'argent de la technologie pour les Caves - remuage automatique


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Efficiente / Money Saving Technology for Cantine - vagliatura macchina


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Eficiencia / ahorro del dinero de Tecnología para Bodegas - Riddling máquina



In respect to protect Intellectual Property Rights Domestic and International Patent Applications was filed. U.S. Patent 12/349,594. European patent application publication number EP2424968. Patents in other counties are pending. Utilization of disclosed product is prohibited. International law provides tremendous penalties for illegal reproduction of intellectual property.


Riddling Machine is a simple, compact, versatile and a reliable System to process riddling stage of Champagne/Sparkling wine production. Machine is supporting traditional way “Méthode Champenoise” of wine development and has mainly three operations; Bottle Tilting, Bottle Rotation and Vibration. Wine filled bottles before riddling process to be placed on bottle holders while machine at “home” position and Process cycle parameters input into Micro Processor Controller as required by wine production regulations/traditions. By pressing cycle “Start” button machine automatically detect 0 degree and start process as per PLC cycle preloaded in Controller. Tower green light begins to blinks while Machine in operation mode. After completion of cycle audio sound alarm is buzzed indicating the end of the cycle. At that time bottles will be on 90 degree position. Pressing “home” position button allows to offload the bottles for further wine production stages....Read more